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I was moving into my new flat and I was a little bit dubious about the last tenant. I liked the flat and that’s why I took it, but the man who had previously rented it looked shifty. I then found some drugs in a cupboard after he had left, that’s when I realized that he would probably keep a set of keys to my flat and break in when I was out one day. So, I decided to get the locks changed, they looked very old anyway. I spoke to the landlord and he was happy to agree to it – as long as I paid for it. He recommended the locksmith he uses called 24 Hour Locksmith Cromwell CT.

I rang them and they seemed professional, so we scheduled the lock changing for a Saturday. They arrived on time, made some suggestions, offered me a range of different locks and then replaced them. 24 Hour Locksmith Cromwell CT technicians gave me three keys, one for me, a spare and one for the landlord – at my request. They also gave me a 10% discount because my landlord is a regular customer.

I would say that I was happy with the service that they provided. They were professional and polite and the locksmith was knowledgeable and on time. I haven’t needed to use them again because I am very careful with keys and had another copy of the front door key made which I left with a friend that lives locally. But I would call on them again if I needed their services.

Elizabeth Fraser
Cromwell, CT

I used 24 Hour Locksmith Cromwell CT several years ago, when I had my locks fitted. Last week I had my bag, It had my keys, mobile phone and some bank statements in it so I knew that the thief could easily find my address and use the house keys to burglar me.

I remembered 24 Hour Locksmith Cromwell CT because of the name and they had given me a good service before, so I found them on the internet and called them. The locksmith came in 45 minutes and changed all the locks – they even gave me a 10% discount because I was an existing customer. I will certainly use them again.

Jane Dodd
Cromwell, CT

I own several businesses around Cromwell, CT and I have used 24 Hour Locksmith Cromwell CT for several years. I use them for key duplication and lock changes and they are always very reliable. I would recommend them highly.

Bob Branson
Cromwell, CT

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